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Diesel + The Coveteur brings Shea Marie to San Francisco

I am super excited about this post! The last wednesday I could met my favorite fashion blogger, Shea Marie from, thanks to Diesel and The Coveteur.

It all happened very fast… I was at home and opened my Instagram. The first photo on my feed was from Shea saying “Hello San Francisco” and I got super happy to know that she was in the same city that I am.


Days in San Francisco – Part IV

Another post of everything that I am going through these days in San Francisco. For those who don’t know – because this is actually the first “Days in San Francisco” in English – on this post I put a lot of photos of things I’ve been doing, stores, places and events that I visited and well… My lifestyle in this incredible city in topics that can be good tips of what to do here.


Cable Car Museum

Today I’m gonna show one peculiar Museum that is also a power supply. The Cable Car Museum is very close to my home, I went there in a weekend to learn more about how does a cable car work. The Museum was established in 1974 and until today is a powerhouse for all Cable Cars in San Francisco.


Road Trip: Tahoe & Reno – Part II

Let’s continue with the second and last post of my road trip. The first part of the trip you can find it here. Before anything else, I would like to thanks all my international readers because 80% of my visitors are foreign from Brazil, my home country. That’s why I begin to write my posts in English. Of course I can let my origin (neither my mom upset haha) so I am still posting in Portuguese, you just have to change the tab above to choose your language preference.


Road Trip: Tahoe & Reno – Part I

Tive a oportunidade maravilhosa de fazer outra road trip com um casal de amigos aqui da Califórnia e o Posey (o cachorro deles que é praticamente igual a minha Patty) para ir conhecer as cidades Tahoe e Reno. Passamos todo um final de semana, viajamos na sexta e voltamos para San…