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Days in San Francisco – Part V

This part five of Days in San Francisco is going to be different and special, I am showing pictures of the week my mom spend here with me. After some annoying flights delays my mother finally arrived in SF and spent one week with me and my boyfriend in our house.


Bluegrass Festival & Ocean Beach

Today I’m showing pictures of Bluegrass Festival and Ocean Beach. On the first weekend of October, I went to a festival called Bluegrass. I had never heard about this festival since some days earlier the event that occurred day 3, 4 and 5 of October. The day began in Huntington Park.


Diesel + The Coveteur brings Shea Marie to San Francisco

I am super excited about this post! The last wednesday I could met my favorite fashion blogger, Shea Marie from, thanks to Diesel and The Coveteur.

It all happened very fast… I was at home and opened my Instagram. The first photo on my feed was from Shea saying “Hello San Francisco” and I got super happy to know that she was in the same city that I am.


Days in San Francisco – Part IV

Another post of everything that I am going through these days in San Francisco. For those who don’t know – because this is actually the first “Days in San Francisco” in English – on this post I put a lot of photos of things I’ve been doing, stores, places and events that I visited and well… My lifestyle in this incredible city in topics that can be good tips of what to do here.


Cable Car Museum

Today I’m gonna show one peculiar Museum that is also a power supply. The Cable Car Museum is very close to my home, I went there in a weekend to learn more about how does a cable car work. The Museum was established in 1974 and until today is a powerhouse for all Cable Cars in San Francisco.